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Nimbus Publishing

Gus the Tortoise Takes a Walk

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It’s a busy day at the Museum of Natural History in Halifax. Gus the Tortoise is getting his new home, and while the curator is away, Elliot is in charge of moving all the boxes in and out of the museum to set up Gus’s home. But Elliot makes a big mistake, and the box with Gus in it gets left outside long enough for Gus to wander away! He strolls up and down Spring Garden Road, taking in all the exciting Halifax sights, while Elliot frantically searches for him. Finally Gus ends up in a quiet, shady corner of the Public Gardens, just right for a tortoise. Elliot goes to the Public Gardens to make a wish in a fountain that he will find Gus—and it comes true! He brings him back to his comfortable new home in the museum and Gus settles in for a long sleep after his big adventure.

Based on true events, when Gus really did “run” away from the museum! (Nimbus Publishing 2017)