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When should my child start wearing footwear?

Generally speaking a child would start wearing shoes around 2 years of age. Babies and younger children can wear soft shoes and booties made from natural materials earlier, while bones are still forming in the foot and they are starting to stand and walk. Booties are great way to provide support and comfort to developing ankles and feet.

How do I determine my child's shoe size?

Measuring and fitting are the best ways to size your child's feet. We have measuring devices to assist you and our staff to size your child's foot. Shoe sizes vary depending on the manufacturers and the models. The measured size only recommends a size and it is best to have a fitting session in the store to get the best results. There should be space left at the toes (about a centimetre); and Width and Heel height are also important factors. (We do carry a wide selection of wide shoes). Let's consider the following details when sizing and trying on footwear while considering the purpose of the product:

Material, Length, Width, Heel, Vertical space, Type of Closure, Flexibility, Tread.

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