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Buff Raz Forest Play Booney Hat

$36.95 CAD

  • Wide brim for excellent sun protection. Head and neck high UV coverage.
  • Be safe and have fun! Play proof breakaway chinstrap for great performance.
  • 2 ways to wear: booney and cowboy. Made for kids with imagination!
Kids booney for sun protection with a playful design. The wide brim offers excellent sun protection whether you're blazing trails in the saddle or on foot this summer! Play proof breakaway chinstrap will keep them safe while having fun. Made for kids with imagination, this playful hat offers 2 ways to wear: booney and cowboy.
Adjustable, elasticated fastener ensures the perfect fit for every size.
Safety clasp that breaks open if pulled with force.
Tag sewn inside garment with space for the owner's name.
UPF 50 certified sun protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation produced by the sun.
Stay cool and fresh with innovative ventilation.